本屆TEDx希望能透過大會,分享想法,以達致TED的精神「Ideas worth spreading」。同時為澳門各界傑出人仕創造連結;激勵與會者與在地社區建立連結;以及藉大會分享激發出更多澳門的可能性。


Lin Hsiangchun, a master of science in Chinese language and literature, columnist and stay-at-home mom, has joined the #TEDxSenadoSquare speaker line-up. She is also the shop owner of Júbilo 31 books in Macau. At TEDxSenadoSquare, her talk will guide the audience through communities and nature from the perspective of children, the path which "takes us home".

筆名林大香、川井深一。出生高雄,畢業於成功大學中國文學系、中山大學漢語言文學系現當代文學民俗學方向研究碩士。 2015年於澳門望德堂區經營井井三一繪本書屋,全職母親、專欄作者、閱讀人,現嘗試與在街市、村落、社區、海洋或山林,用孩子的腳步一起建立個人的田野,找到「回家」的路。

Kwong Chun Man is a PhD student at the University of Oxford. To promote the passion of philosophy, he has founded "Corrup the Youth" community with his peers. He is also the author of multiple articles and two books, one of them has been awarded the "Hong Kong Golden Book Awards 2017". Besides this, Chun Man is the presenter of the "Philosophy Night" on RTHK, participated in 48 episodes throughout two seasons of the TV program.


Tamara Solski is an Architect with a passion for public spaces which developed while writing her thesis in Alghero, Italy. The potential of the interconnected urban web is now widely recognized as a key factor, essential when considering strategies to regenerate and renew todays cities and bring users closer to the urban textures. She will be joining TEDxSenadoSquare to debate the possibilities of a future brought together by utilizing the layers of the city in a creative and sustainable way.

宋梓淇(Tamara) 是一名建築師,曾遠赴義大利深造的她,在該地逐漸構建起對城市空間運用的熱情。 她認為在這些互聯的城市體系裡面蘊藏著極大潛力,尤其當一個城市面臨改造或是更新時,這些潛力便是連結都市人和城市肌理的主要元素。 她將會在 TEDxSenadoSquare 與各位一齊探討如何通過運用城市空間去營造一個具創意及可持續發展的未來城市。

Burnie is a local electronic musician, besides from creating his own music, he is also a DJ and live music producer.His music has been published by producers from Macau and many places around the world. Since 2013, Burnie has released four EPs with British record labels Slime, Tumble Audio & Downplay. He has also contributed in eight compilation albums with producers from the UK, Malaysia, Guangzhou and Macau.

 (Lam Keong Chon)是來自澳門的電子音樂人,除製作音樂外亦有作DJ及現場音樂演出。
作品曾在澳門以至英國等地的唱片廠牌出版。由2013年起,Burnie 先後在英國的 Slime 、Tumble Audio 與Downplay 唱片公司出版了4張EP,以及參與了英國、馬來西亞、廣州及澳門唱片公司出版的8張音樂合輯。

Anna Choi, experienced in driving digital transformation in the smart cities andinfrastructure sectors. Currently as the Head of Digitalization for Schindler, she oversees digitalization strategy in 16 markets in Asia Pacific, harnessing the power of IoT, AI and machine learning and defining the future of business with focus on customer experience.As a strong advocate on technology adoption and hope to inspire more people with diverse background to join tech industry, Anna actively speaks at tech conferences and connects the innovation ecosystem. Her active support of the community earned her recognitions of “Rising Star”, “Innovator 25 APAC” by the Holmes Report and “40 under 40” by Campaign Asia.

Anna Choi, 協助多間跨國集團在城市和基礎設施領域實現數碼化轉型。現為迅達集團亞太區數碼策略主管, 負責16個地區的數碼化策略及數碼服務,利用物聯網,人工智能和機器學習等科技的應用,以客戶體驗為重心,策劃業務的未來。
致力倡導科技的發展和鼓勵更多不同專長的人仕投身科技界, Anna 經常在科技研討會上分享,並積極連接各大企業,加速器和創業公司,以促進業界的發展, 她對創新業界的支持令她屢獲亞太區的各個獎項和認可。

Antonio is a local photographer who has been awarded 1st place in 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest - Mobile photography catogory and 2nd place in 2016 Cities category. With the small mirrorless camera he carries every day, he strolls along the streets and alleys of Macau capturing its unique beauty. Rain or shine, he walks around town to discover the places and people through fresh eyes. From the well-known UNESCO Heritage Sites to the less noticeable still life, and from people in the neighbourhood to kittens playing at the back of the alleys, they have all become the subjects of his photos.

António 是一名本地攝影師,他的作品曾獲國家地理雜誌攝影大賽2018年手機攝影類別一等獎以及2016年城市類別二等獎。他的作品題材圍繞澳門每天的生活點滴。不論任何天氣,他每天都會帶著一部細小的相機穿插於澳門的大街小巷到處拍照。由著名的世遺景點到不知名的橫街小巷,甚至是一些老街坊以至街頭的小貓都成為他的攝影對象。通過鏡頭,他用圖片記錄著這個城巿的獨特中西文化。

Viena is a girl from Macau, who is also part of the 香港海豚保育學會 Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society. After moving to Hong Kong for her university education, she began to learn about the pink dolphins living in the waters surrounding us. These dolphins have such a close relationship with human, yet deeply threatened by our activities. Since then, she began the journey of ecology research on wild dolphins, studying each one of them and conservation works.

希汶是一名來自澳門的女生,也是 香港海豚保育學會 Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society 的一員。前往香港修讀大學後,她才知道白海豚一直住在我們身邊的水域,海豚與人類一海相隔卻受到人類活動所威脅。她自此便參與野外海豚的生態研究,並運用對每條海豚的認識,展開保育海豚的工作。生物的多樣性是人類得以持續發展的生存之道。

Pasu NG graduated from Hong Kong Art School studying Applied Art. He is a professional embalmer registered under The British Institute of Embalmers (BIE) and the Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Life and Death Studies Association. He now works in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as the Manager of dissecting laboratory. Pasu started the “Silent Teacher” body donation program in 2011, he was the pioneer of body donation movement in Hong Kong. Through his Facebook pages -  "Life and Death Education" and "Let's Share", he is devoted to promote life and death education and emotional health care. He also co-hosts a radio program named "Life 21 Gram" at the internet radio station D100. Pasu's book "Silent Teacher - The Lecture on Life and Death Education Given to Us by the Body Donors" won the Hong Kong Golden Book Award 2018 in medical health category.


Mike had been teaching in public school for 23 years and at the same time being an outdoor education instructor. He is currently a residential fellow at the Chao Kuang Piu College in the University of Macau. He is also a core member of the "Youth Dreams Association", "Youth Leadership Explore Association" and the "Macau Association for Experiential Education". At TEDxSenadoSquare, he would like to share with us the power of being humble. He thinks that the mainstream education nowadays encourages students to strive to be the best. However, he uses a different teaching method which motivates students to "bend" and slow down, to see the needs of the others through love and care, and to serve the community with a humble heart.

鄭智明 Mike,曾於公立學校任職23年,同時擔任戶外教育指導員。現職澳門大學曹光彪書院導師,同時為青年圓夢協會、青年領袖探索協會、澳門體驗教育學會成員。讓他勇敢面對這世代的力量是「彎腰的力量」。當今世代都在教導學生努力往上攀,站在人之上,而他的教學方式則是鼓勵學生態度往下走,在人之下,彎低身段,用愛與關懷的眼光看到別人的需要,成為僕人服務社區與別人。


The Dom Pedro V Theatre is now one of the important historic buildings in the Historic Centre of Macao ensemble inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The Theatre has survived as a witness to the bygone leisure and entertainment activities of the Macanese community and today remains a tremendously refined and distinctive performing venue for culture and arts, staying true to its traditional function and historic legacy. It stands as one of the most important and enduring testimonies to the development of Macao’s performing arts.


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